Game Collector 16.3.3 Keygen + Crack Download (1)The Review: Game Collector 16.3.3 allows you to stay on top of your favorite video game collection without having to do much (or any) typing. With Game Collector 16.3.3 Full Crack you can easily create your online game inventory and share your best game list with your friends. With this useful application you can add your games to the database with very easy method by entering the title and let the program search online databases to gather the additional information and download a game cover image.

In spite of the fact that this day and age computer games are for the most part discharged in computerized structure, there are the individuals who still own and purchase printed versions of their most loved titles and need a spot to store the data. The way that Game Collector utilizes the Internet to keep your accumulation redesigned and legitimately sorted out settles on it a decent decision for remaining focused of your side interest. Game Collector Key Feature :

  • Pictures View/List View/Cover Flow
  • Bunch diversions into Folders
  • Deal with your Collection and your Wish List
  • Measurements: Bar Charts and Pie Charts
  • Seeking your amusement database
  • Modifying Game Collector
  • Inventoriing recreations by Title
  • Inventoriing recreations by Barcode
  • Group including with the Queue Mode
  • Altering your diversion passages
  • Altering various recreations in one go
  • Advance Manager
  • Auto Capitalization and Automatic Sort Titles
  • Dealing with your pick records
  • Setting Field Defaults
  • Field Names/User Defined Fields
  • Send out amusement information to the CLZ Games application
  • for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Share your database online with
  • Diversion Collector Connect
  • Printing records
  • Fare to HTML pages
  • Fare to CSV, XML
  • System support Game Collector 16.3.3 Keygen + Crack Download (2)

What,s new in Version 16.3.3 :


  • Date Fields: Year field’s position now also depends on system’s shortdate setting


  • Edit Game:
    • Date fields didn’t clear their Month and Day values using next/previous when they weren’t filled in for the next/previous item
    • Delete key didn’t work in Month and Day fields to clear their values. Backspace did work normally.


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